Adult Learning Lounge
Welcome to the Adult Learning Lounge and Library!

Welcome to Girl Scouting!
We are so pleased you are choosing to make a difference in our future leaders! We are working hard to make training easier for all our volunteers. The Adult Learning Lounge and Library will be your one-stop shop for all your Volunteer Training needs!

Volunteer Application
It is required that all volunteers working directly with girls (leaders, advisors, co-leaders and assistant leaders) must have an approved Volunteer Application on file with
the Girl Scouts of Maine and be a registered Girl Scout.

Download the Volunteer Application.

In addition, any parent or volunteer who works with troops on a regular basis (3 or 4 times a year), is involved with their regular planning process or provides transporatation, must also be an approved and registered Girl Scout volunteer.

Training Requirements and Procedures for Leaders

All troop leaders, advisors, co-leaders and assistant leaders are required to take both
online Girl Scouting 101 and an in-person Troop Pathway class before meeting with troops. Please take these classes in the following order:

1. Girl Scouting 101
Take the online Girl Scouting 101, a colorful animated explanation of the Girl Scout Leadership Program where you will learn about using Journey materials.

Under "Resources," you will find the samples of the first four meetings you can have with your Daisies, Brownies or Juniors.

It is strongly recommended that you watch this informative presentation before you attend Troop Pathways class to add to your understanding of the Girl Scout National Portfolio Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the service center (888) 922-4763 and ask for Adult Development staff.

2. Troop Pathway
(Prerequisite -online Girl Scouting 101)
This class will familiarize all new leaders with Girl Scouts of Maine guidelines and procedures related to:

• Your role and responsibilities
• Working with girls
• Your support team
• Managing troop money
• Health and safety
• Trips and travel

Participant Responsibility
• Advance registration is required. It is important that you register for classes by calling (888) 922-4763 or emailing
• Courses start on time; plan to arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.
• If you cannot attend, please call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
• You may bring food and drinks to class.
• Please DO NOT bring children; childcare is not provided.
• Girls in middle school and high school may attend if there is space available.
• Volunteers who are pre-registered will be notified of cancellations or changes
Notices will be recorded on the council’s answering machine, (888) 922-4763, ext 110. Check if the weather is at all doubtful.

3. Volunteering for Girl Scouts Series and Events