Levels of Girl Scouting
Girl Scout Grade Levels

If you're a girl in grades K – 12, Girl Scouts has a place for you!

daisy     Grades K-1

It’s never too early to start being a leader. If you are in kindergarten or 1st grade, become a Girl Scout Daisy. Daisies can earn Learning Petals and participation patches, go to day camps and participate in the Cookie Program. 

As a Daisy, you’ll work on nature, science, technology and math projects while earning recognition for accomplishments and connecting with the community. Discover yourself, connect with new friends and grow together!

brownie     Grades 2-3

As a Girl Scout Brownie, you’ll explore the world around you in the company of your troop members. Brownies can earn badges, go to day and/or weekend camps and take part in other activities chosen and planned as a group. 

As a Brownie, you’ll develop cooperation skills, connect with your community and celebrate accomplishments. If you are in 2nd or 3rd grade, join in the fun and friendship!

junior     Grades 4-5

As a Girl Scout Junior, you’ll take charge of your experience. Plan troop trips and activities as a team and choose the community projects that speak to you — all while having fun with your friends.

As a Junior, you’ll develop team building, start applying leadership knowledge and explore your interests and build skills. You can also earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award as well as badges in math, science, health, cultural literacy, and more! 

cadette     Grades 6-8

Become a Girl Scout Cadette and expand your horizons in the company
of great friends. 

As a Cadette, you can plan and take trips to other cities or states, participate in overnight camp adventures and work toward earning the Girl Scout Silver Award. You’ll also work with volunteers to plan community projects and group activities. As you give back to the world around you, you’ll gain self-confidence and have fun, too.

senior     Grades 9-10

As a Girl Scout Senior, you’ll tackle challenges that require critical thinking skills and independence. Plan enriching activities as a team or as an individual, and start planning your future.

You can also participate in the Counselor-in-Training and plan and take trips to other cities, state or countries. In addition to earning badges and awards, you can work toward earning the Girl Scout Gold Award. Think you’re too old to become a Girl Scout? No way – now is a great time to join!

ambassador     Grades 11-12

As a Girl Scout Ambassador, you can explore careers,
participate in the Cookie Executive Officer Program, CIT and/or WIT programs and plan and take trips near and far. You can also work
toward earning the Girl Scout Gold Award along with badges and awards.

As an Ambassador, you’ll discover how to be an advocate for the causes you care about. Connect with like-minded young women and work together to make a difference. Your voice matters.

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