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Decoding Summer Day Camp

Decoding Summer Day Camp

Guest Post by Kayla Norster, GSME Recruitment and Troop Formation Specialist

Algorithm, conditionals, decomposition, and perseverance were just some of the “code” words that a group of Girl Scouts were learning about during the week of August 19-23 in our Decoding Summer Day Camp held in Newcastle. The group was made up of girls from various nearby communities, from Daisies to Juniors, and some were even new to Girl Scouts all together!

The new Coding for Good badges were released in July and these girls were some of the first to try them out. We worked on Coding Basics, App Development, and Digital Game Design. We also took the opportunity to explore nature and talk about ways technology can help identify certain species and help navigate the great outdoors. We spoke with the church pastor at our camp site about ways we can develop some apps to help the local food pantry and checked off some things from the summer outdoor challenge list, like cooking with the sun.

We talked about social media a little bit and the use of hashtags and how powerful they could be. The girls wore their Girl Power shirts or outfits they felt powerful in, we learned about some Women in Science, and even played games designed by women. We made our own #WomenCrushWednesday at camp!

Coding, just like anything new we try to learn, brings some challenges. Like true Girl Scouts, these girls did not let any obstacles get in their way, instead they hurdled them or knocked them down (some days required more snacks, motivational talks, and/or songs than usual).  The goal was to have earned all three Coding for Good badges by the end of our 5th meeting…these girls did it in 4!

The girls did a great job of demonstrating they understood all of our coding vocab and concepts, but they really mastered demonstrating perseverance! I am excited to see where these girls will go next.

These 11 girls were brought together by the same mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. They also had a shared desire to learn something new and have fun while doing it. This group of computer scientists will be doing some amazing things, and they will be doing it for good!

As our founder Juliette Gordon Low said, “The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.”

Here are some of the photos from the program!