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Appalachian Mountain Club All Girl Crew, New Hampshire

Lily Grant, All Girl Crew

Guest Post from Lily Grant, Girl Scout Senior, Troop 3038

Lily participated in the Appalachian Mountain Club All Girl Crew in New Hampshire for a week this summer. The All Girl Crew is a partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and the Student Conservation Association (SCA) that sends crews of Girl Scouts on different outdoor camping and conservation adventures throughout the United States each summer. Here is what Lily had to say about her experience.

The All Girls Crew trip was a once in a lifetime experience! I got to meet six other girls from all over the country and two adults from different states as well. During this camping experience, we were tasked with a number of physical outdoor projects.

On the first day of our New Hampshire adventure, we jumped right into hiking and ended up hiking 5 miles! The next day, we worked on a project doing trail work, which included us picking up rocks from the trail, crushing them, and then making a new trail on top of the old one. The purpose of this was to raise the trail for water streams.

When we were given a little free time, a few girls and I, along with the chaperone, went hiking on another 5 mile trail. What a rush! Then, on our third day in, we ended up backpacking to a campsite and staying over in our tents for the night. When we woke up in the morning, we packed up all our camping gear and headed back to the lodge we had been staying at since the start of the trip. One really cool thing that we got to do was learn about all the different animals and how they live! We even got to explore one of the ponds and catch some things to determine what they were.

We finished our trip by doing some more trail work on a different trail for our last forestry project. On our final night together, we saw a moose at dawn. It was a great ending to this amazing outdoor camping experience!

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