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Congratulations to Paul Fisher, our Volunteer of the Month!


Paul Fisher has been a volunteer for more years that we can count and has been a fantastic supporter of Girl Scouts in so many ways! Paul has always been willing to show up whenever and wherever he is needed.

Our camps have been particularly fortunate to have Paul as a volunteer. He has dedicated whole weekends to help open and close camps and has assisted on numerous camp building projects. He has come to the rescue when extra hands were needed for a big project, like clearing out the Natarswi kitchen for a new floor.

Paul is an experienced canoeist and has been a boating trainer for our camp staff. He has also led canoe trips for Camp Adventures for Grown Ups. And if this all is not enough, he has also volunteered to help with troop mini-camp sessions.

Paul is thoughtful and thorough and we appreciate the many hours and skills he devotes to GSME!