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We are please to announce that Laura St. Pierre, Theresa Dube, and Laurie Spooner have been named Volunteers of the Month!

This month, we honor three volunteers from Diamond Service Unit - Laura St. Pierre, Theresa Dube and Laurie Spooner. These women are a shining example of the Girl Scout mission!

Laura St Pierre has been a Girl Scout volunteer for over 25 years, and we recognize her for all her hard work as fall product supervisor and cookie supervisor.

Theresa Dube and Laurie Spooner are co-service unit managers for the unit. Theresa always runs efficient meetings and creates fantastic programs for her local Girl Scouts throughout the year.

Laurie Spooner, who is flexible and is willing to help out her sister-leaders, showed great assistance in rescuing a new troop who’s experienced leader moved away, as well as taking on role of program coordinator for the service unit.

A huge thank you and a Girl Scout salute to these wonderful volunteers!