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Tracy Seymour is our Volunteer of the Month!


Flyers, Open Houses, and Discover Girl Scouts, oh my! Tracy Seymour may have taken a year off as the Community Recruiter for the Lake Service Unit, but you really wouldn’t know that was the case.

This summer, she accompanied the area’s Recruitment Specialist, Meghan, to a Sprouting Daisies event, providing crucial information and guidance to attendees. She also frequently drops into the South Portland office to pick up flyers, materials, and just to check-in.

If you’re looking at the numbers, our latest report shows that these efforts have paid off—Lake has reached nearly 26% of their new adult goal and 20% of their new girl goal…and it’s only the beginning of September! It looks like Lake has a lot of room to grow, with the help of Tracy and their many outstanding volunteers!

Congratulations on being the Volunteer of the Month, Tracy. You've earned it.