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Honoring America's Finest


Girl Scout Troop 2080 of Lisbon, paid tribute to America’s finest by participating in three events this past fall: the Honor Flight at the Portland Jetport, Veteran’s Day Pass and Review at the Lewiston Armory, and a Veteran’s Day tour at the Lewiston Veterans Memorial.

These events allowed the girls to welcome home 45 WWII veterans who were returning from a trip to Washington, DC, including four female veterans, participate in a time-honored tradition where units with colors pass in front of their Commander of Troops, and see first-hand what local communities have done to honor those neighbors who have served honorably or are still serving in the armed forces.

These experiences were a wonderful way to help the girls recognize and honor heroes of our great nation. They met Mainers who literally put life and limb on the line to ensure that these young girls would one day be able to grow up in a society even better than the one they grew up in.

The girls were humbled and honored to meet the veterans and shake their hands. The veterans were equally honored to see that their dedication and sacrifices led to growth of these young girls. Seeing Mainers honoring Mainers brought pride to the eyes and hearts of these vets who sacrificed so much, and inspired the next generation of women who want to live free and equal.