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  • Honoring America's Finest

    Girl Scout Troop 2080 of Lisbon, paid tribute to America’s finest by participating in three events this past fall: the Honor Flight at the Portland Jetport, Veteran’s Day Pass and Review at the Lewiston Armory, and a Veteran’s Day tour at the Lewiston Veterans Memorial.

    These events allowed the girls to welcome home 45 WWII veterans who were returning from a trip to Washington, DC, including four female veterans, participate in a time-honored tradition where units with colors pass in front of their Commander of Troops, and see first-hand what local communities have done to honor those neighbors who have served honorably or are still serving in the armed forces.

    These experiences were a wonderful way to help the girls recognize and honor heroes of our great nation. They met Mainers who literally put life and limb on the line to ensure that these young girls would one day be able to grow up in a society even better than the one they grew up in.

    The girls were humbled and honored to meet the veterans and shake their hands. The veterans were equally honored to see that their dedication and sacrifices led to growth of these young girls. Seeing Mainers honoring Mainers brought pride to the eyes and hearts of these vets who sacrificed so much, and inspired the next generation of women who want to live free and equal.

  • We are proud to announce that Desiree Bryant is our Volunteer of the Month!

    Desiree Bryant, Service Unit Manager of Sokoki, is being honored as our Volunteer of the Month for her excellent follow up with local troops and commitment to place girls from a couple of disbanded troops so they could continue their Girl Scout adventure!

    Desiree used the SU rosters to check with troop leaders at a recent leaders’ meeting and provided information on current openings in troops to her Volunteer Support Specialist. As a result, girls are continuing in Girl Scouts, making new friends, and new members are able to search for local options in the Opportunity Catalog.

    Thank you to Desiree and all the leaders opening their troops to new girls!

  • Celebrate Camp!

    Girl Scouts of Maine hosted Celebrate Camp events at Camp Natarswi and Camp Pondicherry this fall, giving Girl Scouts an amazing opportunity to experience our beautiful camp properties, and to showcase all the awesome things you can do outside! On two stupendous fall days, over 300 Girl Scouts explored all that camp has to offer at our Celebrate Camp events. We had the opportunity to speak with a couple troop leaders whose Girl Scout troop attended the events. Here is what they had to say about their experiences. At Camp Natarswi, Troop 2041 enjoyed themselves immensely, said Troop Leader Jen Graham, and since most of the girls had never been to Girl Scout camp before, this was a great way for them to get a taste of camp life. She says while the girls favorite activities were archery and crafts, some of the older girls in the troop also enjoyed the thrill of rock climbing. The girls thought that "the leaders of that event were very encouraging" and they had a feeling of accomplishment when they made it to the top. They also tried something new!  Many girls had never been boating before, and while they were nervous about it, they gave it a shot and would do it again. "As a leader, my favorite part was seeing the girls try new things and the smiles of pride that come from their accomplishing those activities," said Jen. Troop leader Tonia Blake, said that Girl Scouts from Brownie Troop 526 had a great time...

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  • Three Girl Scouts earn Junior Maine Guide Certification

    Girl Scouts of Maine (GSME) announces that three Girl Scouts - Payton Spearin of East Millinocket, Rachel Davis of New Gloucester, and Laura Dumas of Gray, have earned their Junior Maine Guide certification this summer. Sponsored by Maine Summer Camps and the Maine State Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the Junior Maine Guide Program (JMG) is a long-established wilderness camping skills program, designed to foster enjoyable, safe and healthy outdoor living experiences for youth ages 9–18. The program, unique to Maine, was created in 1937 as an act of the State Legislature, in an effort to promote the use of the Maine wilderness for recreation as well as to train new generations of youth to adopt use practices that conserve the environment. “The Junior Maine Guide program really puts candidates to the test,” said Mary Ellen Deschenes, Chief of Outdoor Operations, Girl Scouts of Maine. “They face numerous obstacles, and many do not pass the rigorous final text camp. It is a very notable achievement, and we’re very proud to have three Girl Scouts from Camp Natarswi earn it this summer.” To be successful in completing the Junior Maine Guide, candidates are encouraged to first complete the Junior Maine Woodsman and Maine Woodsman programs (or equivalent outdoor-based programs), which are all offered at Camp Natarswi. The JMG program allows participants to practice 21 specific outdoor skills over three weeks. These skills...

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  • Lead the Way to Kindness

    As soon as Troop 2041 got together this fall, they started talking about their community and the difference between “need” and “want.” After realizing that there were people without shelter and meals, they went into action to help where they could. Their goal was to fill a minivan with all the items from a local shelter’s needs list and deliver their donations in person.

    Through hard work, and using some of their products sales earnings, they successfully fulfilled their goal, filling not one, but three minivans! During their tour of the shelter, the girls noticed that there were no Christmas presents under the tree, and they have made it their mission next year to make sure there will be.

    Being a Leader means not only being considerate of others, but being committed to making the world a better place. The Girl Scouts of Troop 2041 are true leaders!  

  • Girl Scouts traveled to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center!

    This past June, Girl Scouts, Audrey and Madeline, from Girl Scout Troops 3042 and 1310 visited NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

    With nine other council teams, they participated in some really fantastic astronomy activities. They even got to learn about astrophysics and heliophysics - the study of stars and other celestial bodies and the study of the effects that the sun has on the solar system. Each day they heard from different speakers from NASA, learning about their experiences in their specific fields of study. How awesome is that?!

    The Girl Scouts were challenged with creating their own Reaching for the Stars Astronomy Club for each of their councils. Audrey and Madeline learned a lot of awesome new things about Astronomy and came back excited to share all that they have learned from their experience. They have been tasked with starting the GSME Astronomy Club and we can't wait to see what they come up with!

  • Tracy Seymour is our Volunteer of the Month!

    Flyers, Open Houses, and Discover Girl Scouts, oh my! Tracy Seymour may have taken a year off as the Community Recruiter for the Lake Service Unit, but you really wouldn’t know that was the case.

    This summer, she accompanied the area’s Recruitment Specialist, Meghan, to a Sprouting Daisies event, providing crucial information and guidance to attendees. She also frequently drops into the South Portland office to pick up flyers, materials, and just to check-in.

    If you’re looking at the numbers, our latest report shows that these efforts have paid off—Lake has reached nearly 26% of their new adult goal and 20% of their new girl goal…and it’s only the beginning of September! It looks like Lake has a lot of room to grow, with the help of Tracy and their many outstanding volunteers!

    Congratulations on being the Volunteer of the Month, Tracy. You've earned it.

  • We’re honoring a real go-getter this month, Betsy Nygren!

    Betsy Nygren has proven to be an outstanding volunteer over her many years with Girl Scouts. Her dedication, support, and flexibility shown on the 2017 GSME trip to D.C. were really inspiring. Betsy not only did a wonderful job preparing her own troop for the trip and ensuring that the trip was girl-led, but she also stepped up to help the GSME staff leading the trip on numerous occasions.

    Betsy is an outstanding volunteer! With her warm and calm demeanor she is an asset to GSME, always willing to lend a hand and be a sister to every Girl Scout. We want to thank Betsy for her leadership skills and for being a real go-getter!

  • Chelsea Knight and Jenn Bragdon have been named Volunteers of the Month

    This month we would like to honor two volunteers from the Mountain2Sea Service Unit, Chelsea Knight and Jenn Bragdon. These women are both exemplary and show us what it truly means to be a Girl Scout volunteer.

    Chelsea is a valuable asset and has always been willing to help out when needed. As a Community Recruiter, she has gone above and beyond in her commitment to ensure that events not only occur, but that they exceed the expectations of those who attend them. Chelsea is a real go-getter and we truly appreciate the support she offers.

    Jenn has also been a huge help to volunteers, including making sure that adult volunteers are recognized for their service. She is always there to support us and we are grateful for her expertise in ensuring the Girl Scout Learning Experience is incorporated in everything we do.

    Thank you to both Chelsea and Jenn for all of your hard work and dedication as well as your commitment to the Girl Scout values.

  • Laura Thompson, PhD named Girl Scouts of Maine’s 2018 Woman of Distinction

    Girl Scouts of Maine proudly announces that Dr. Laura Thompson, Director of Sustainable Development & Policy Initiatives at Sappi North America, will be honored at the 21st Annual Women of Distinction Gala on December 7, 2017, at The Westin Portland Harborview hotel.   The Women of Distinction Gala is an annual event that celebrates women whose individual excellence and high levels of achievement distinguish them as outstanding members of their communities and exemplary role models for today's girls. “For 105 years, Girl Scouts has helped shape girls aspirations and confidence in areas that need more female leadership,” said Joanne Crepeau, CEO, Girl Scouts of Maine. “Women are particularly underrepresented in STEM fields and Girl Scouts has programs committed to increasing girls’ interests and abilities in these disciplines. Exposure to STEM professionals has real impact on girls especially when they see women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is why we are thrilled to honor Laura Thompson, whose professional pursuit and many accomplishments make her a perfect role model for women, of any age, today. Girl Scouts encourages girls to make a difference in the world and Laura is certainly doing that.” Director of Sustainable Development & Policy Initiatives, Thompson is responsible for working with Sappi’s leadership to set strategy, establish long term goals and drive key initiatives, enabling th...

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  • Elizabeth Sutherland to be honored by Girl Scouts of Maine

    Girl Scouts of Maine is pleased to announce that it will honor Elizabeth Sutherland, of Sutherland Weston, with the 2017 Juliette Award at the Eighth Annual Pearls of Wisdom Celebration on September 14, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Bangor. Girl Scouts of Maine established the Juliette Award to honor a woman who embodies the essence of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA. Juliette Gordon Low was a woman who exhibited a heightened sense of service to community and the courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place. “Today’s girls are our future leaders. A crucial element in a girl’s success is a positive role model,” said Joanne Crepeau, CEO, Girl Scouts of Maine. “Elizabeth’s impressive career path and her drive to succeed helps to inspire girls to believe in themselves and take on new experiences throughout their lives.” Sutherland is a partner at Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications in Bangor, one of the top ten advertising agencies in Maine. Originally from “The County,” after college Sutherland worked for the United States Senate, the American Red Cross, and Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems in increasingly complex public relations and marketing roles before launching out on her own in 2003. Sutherland is a graduate of the Bangor Region Leadership Institute and she serves in leadership roles for a variety of organizations, including All Saints Catholic School, Greater Bangor Convention...

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  • Celine Lowell, of Scarborough, earns 2017 Gold Award

    An animal lover at heart, after seeing so many turtles killed by cars on Route 1 in Scarborough, Celine decided she wanted to take action to raise awareness of the turtles living in the marsh, and to protect these beloved creatures. First, Celine went to the Center of Wildlife to research turtles, learning about the species, so that she could in turn educate people.  Then, she designed and constructed “Turtle Crossing” signs, which are installed in three locations along Route 1 to remind drivers on Route 1 to be on the lookout for turtles. Celine also visited local classrooms, sharing with the students the importance of being aware of our slow-paced friends. She even put together a kit for teachers, so that they can continue to educate their students for years to come.  She also created an informational pamphlet that will be placed throughout Scarborough to educate the community. Finally, Celine embraced the power of social media, creating a Facebook page “Scarborough Turtle Rescue and Conservation,” to share articles and facts about turtles, inspiring other turtle-lovers to take action. Because of her Facebook page, several people have already reached out to Celine for her assistance in relocating or helping injured turtles. Celine says, when you really believe in a purpose and it has meaning to you, no matter how hard it might be, you never stop believing in it. Celine, your advocacy and empathy for other makes you a...

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  • Sara Imam, of Skowhegan, earns 2017 Gold Award

    Maine, like many other states, has impoverished communities that have homeless shelters, where people who are in need of assistance can go. While these shelters provide housing and food for families, they are unable to provide recreational opportunities for the children who live there. However, it’s important to the development of young children to have a safe place where they can go, either to do homework, read, or be creative.

    Sara’s project took an under-utilized space in a local church that houses a homeless shelter, and turned it into a multi-purpose room for children and their families. Overcoming difficult obstacles, Sara worked hard to earn money through yard sales and securing in-kind donations from local businesses. She was able to collect furniture and carpeting, books, arts supplies, games and educational materials, making the room a comfortable, safe space for families to be together. She also started a weekly story and craft hour, hoping to encourage children to spend their free time reading and being creative.

    While working her project, Sara learned that in the face of the fiercest adversity, she has the capability to achieve even the most challenging of goals.
    Thank you Sara. Because of your persistence and can-do attitude, you are a go-getter who inspires us all to take action.

    The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, recognizing girls in grades nine through 12 who demonstrate...

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  • Kate Ginder, of Cape Elizabeth, earns 2017 Gold Award

    Kate’s project addressed the need for resources for children who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, and their parents. She says that, often times, children who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia are confused and depressed, and feel alone. They don’t understand what they can’t read while everyone else can. The feeling of being “different” is not accepted, and it can be scary and isolating time for them. To help these children, Kate produced a video called, “A Dyslexia Buddy.” The video helps explain in simple terms what Dyslexia is, but also includes real-life stories from children of all ages who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia. Twenty percent of the nation’s population is thought to have Dyslexia, and any people still continue to think that it is a result of laziness or mental defects. “A Dyslexia Buddy” helps dispel some of those incorrect notions, helping children, their parents, and the general public, to understand that it is a neurologically-based learning disability and that it can be overcome with the proper support. Kate presented her video for the first time at the National Dyslexia Awareness Month Celebration, where she was also on the discussion panel. “A Dyslexia Buddy” is now being shared with local libraries and schools, in classes to help teach Special Education Teachers, and national and international Dyslexia associations. Kate, with your ability to challenge assumptions and find solutions, you are a true innovator...

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  • Valery Gillis, of Glenburn, earns 2017 Gold Award

    Getting outdoors and enjoying our surroundings is essential to living in Maine in the winter, and Valery is very passionate about Alpine Racing. The alpine racing starting ramp at Hermon Mountain was in disrepair and unsafe for the skiers. Valery decided to undertake the enormous task of replacing the ramp with a new starting house, providing racers with a starting ramp that rivals any other in the state, and race volunteers a safe, warm place to gather and store their gear. The Penobscot Valley Ski Club has pledged to maintain the building so that everyone will have a safer, competitive, and more enjoyable environment for many years to come. By creating the Alpine Starting Haus, Valery has opened more opportunities for advancement in the local racing programs and Hermon Mountain. You never know – the next Olympic athlete could start their journey on a local ski hill! Valery says she has learned a lot about herself with this project. Even though she is a self-proclaimed introvert, she knows that she still has the ability to get things done. All she has to do is take a deep breath and take a little risk! Well done Valery! The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, recognizing girls in grades nine through 12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through remarkable take-action projects that have sustainable impact in their communities and beyond.  It requires a minimum of...

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  • Natalie Gale, of Cape Elizabeth, earns 2017 Gold Award

    Every year, the global refugee crisis forces countless families and individuals to abandon their homes and flee to America. The city of Portland and surrounding towns have seen an influx of refugees over the years from countries such as Rwanda, the Congo and Somalia. There are many challenges that refugees face coming to America. Among them is their lack of fluency in English, fundamental misunderstanding on the part of the Americans, and the intolerance that goes with that misunderstanding. Natalie worked to overcome these challenges by creating a language learning program in the Cape Elizabeth and Portland schools. Student volunteers from Cape Elizabeth High School work with refugee students, as well as other English Language Learning (ELL) students, helping them with their academic work and tutoring them in English. High school students are encouraged to participate starting their freshman year, creating a sustainable volunteer base to keep the program going. The impact of her project is two-fold; her fellow students, who have never experienced true diversity, gain firsthand understanding by working with individuals from entirely different backgrounds, thus establishing a more accepting community; and those refugees gain a better understanding of the English language. Natalie has presented her project at 2016 Senior Leadership Conference at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island, where she was the keynote speaker, inspiring other stu...

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  • We are thrilled to honor Staci Hanscom as the Volunteer of the Month

    This month, we are thrilled to honor Staci Hanscom as the Volunteer of the Month. Staci has taken the new role expectations of Community Recruiter and run with it.

    In the fall, she hosted a parent information night at all elementary schools in the Portland School District. As winter began, she held information tables at school and community holiday fairs. She worked diligently to get Girl Scout flyers into a private school that has previously been closed to us and hosted an information night for that school.

    Portland held one of our most successful "Lead Like Elena" parties with Staci taking the lead to plan and organize volunteers and supplies.

    Thank you Staci! Without the hard work of you and all our wonderful volunteers, GSME wouldn’t be able to do all we can do to build girls of courage, confidence, and character!

  • Jessie Moody named Volunteer of the Month

    Jessie Moody is very inquisitive and eager to find out what Girl Scouts of Maine is all about and she always has a positive, upbeat attitude. Jessie volunteers in a number of different ways, but she truly went above and beyond to help ensure a smooth and efficient process for organizing and distributing orders for cookie booth sales. She would often work her normal shift (that started before most people wake up in the morning) then come right to the cookie cupboard to help unload the truck, pull and assemble the booth sales for each troop, and make sure they were all picked up by the end of the week. She did all of this and more while living a busy life with her family. For her dedication, willingness to help, and many more reasons, she truly is an asset to this organization!

  • 2017 Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony

    Saturday, April 8 was a day made for celebration, as nearly 300 people gathered for this year’s Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony at the Augusta Civic Center to conduct council business, enjoy a hearty breakfast, share personal stories of triumphs in Girl Scouting, and celebrate Maine’s graduating seniors, Silver, and Gold Awardees. Check out the pictures from this year's event, courtesy of Tammy Murray Photography There was laughter as guest speaker Kim Block, News Anchor for WGME 13, warmed up the audience with tales of risk-taking gone awry and lessons gleaned from a lifetime of experience – “There are no coincidences in life,” she said.   Appreciation pins and Honor pins were awarded to outstanding adult volunteers, and The President’s Award went to five deserving Service Units for extraordinary work in their areas.   Lifetime member Claire Lupien took the stage to host the Girl Awards, and proudly shared how being a Girl Scout gave her the confidence to chase her dream of becoming a chemical engineer.  She introduced the graduating seniors, and the crowd cheered as 8 girls bridged to adult members; officially stepping into the world as young women of courage, confidence and character.   Betsey Timm, Board President for GSME, presented scholarships from the Jo Stevens Sc...

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  • We have named Lynda Styles as Volunteer of the Month

    This month we honor a volunteer from Longreach Service Unit, Lynda Styles.  

    Lynda is in her 6th year as a Girl Scout Volunteer and is being recognized for her efforts to promote the Volunteer Toolkit in her service unit. She researches different aspects of the VTK and provides helpful guidance to leaders in her service unit by doing ""Volunteer Toolkit Tips,"" posts regularly on Facebook.

    Thank you Lynda for your continued efforts and for sharing your knowledge of the VTK with your sister Girl Scout volunteers. Girl Scouts of Maine is lucky to have you!

  • Your voice counts - Girl Scout Voices Count surveys are open!

    At Girl Scouts, we care about your experience, good or bad, and we want to hear from you.

    Throughout April, Girl Scouts of the USA will be conducting a national survey with girls, parents/guardians and troop volunteers called Girl Scout Voices Count to find out what’s working, and what’s not, in Girl Scouts. We will use your feedback to improve our services and programs.

    The surveys are now open. Check your email for the invitation to participate. As a Thank You, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a raffle to win one of twenty $50 gift cards! We can’t wait for you to make your voice count!

    Got questions? For more information, email

  • We are please to announce that Laura St. Pierre, Theresa Dube, and Laurie Spooner have been named Volunteers of the Month!

    This, we honor three volunteers from Diamond Service Unit - Laura St. Pierre, Theresa Dube and Laurie Spooner. These women are a shining example of the Girl Scout mission!

    Laura St Pierre has been a Girl Scout volunteer for over 25 years, and we recognize her for all her hard work as fall product supervisor and cookie supervisor.

    Theresa Dube and Laurie Spooner are co-service unit managers for the unit. Theresa always runs efficient meetings and creates fantastic programs for her local Girl Scouts throughout the year.

    Laurie Spooner, who is flexible and is willing to help out her sister-leaders, showed great assistance in rescuing a new troop who’s experienced leader moved away, as well as taking on role of program coordinator for the service unit.

    A huge thank you and a Girl Scout salute to these wonderful volunteers!

  • Welcome to Mary Boyle, our new Camp Pondicherry Director!

    Meet Mary Boyle, Director at Camp Pondicherry, and the newest member of the GSME family! As a child, Mary was an active Girl Scout in her home state of Massachusetts, and through her experiences, her love for the outdoors grew. Mary believes camp is a life-changing experience for girls and wants to continue to empower them to gain confidence and courage through new experiences. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with the girls at Pondicherry this summer and help create lasting memories. Mary has spent these past eight summers working at a residential summer camp in the Lakes Region. Most recently, she was a part of the administrative team as the Girls Campus Head, but Mary has done everything at camp, from being a cabin counselor to Waterfront Director. She even worked during the off-season for weddings and prepping for camp. She cannot imagine spending her summer anywhere other than the Lakes Region. In addition to her camp experience, Mary worked in outdoor education programs where she taught field based, hands-on curriculum in many areas of science and leadership, like Outdoor Living Skills, Orienteering, and Forest Ecology, to name a few. She has worked on both high and low ropes challenge courses and created tailored team building classes for kids and adults. She is a nationally certified EMT- B, as well as a Wilderness EMT, and holds certifications in Water Safety and Lifeguarding. Mary is a graduate of the Univer...

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  • Lisa Backman named Volunteer of the Month

    Lisa Backman is an outstanding GSME leader of two troops and has led many highly successful events in her Service Unit over the years.

    Lisa has been as an amazing leader who will always go above and beyond for the girls. She exemplifies the Girl Scout promise and law in every way.

    It is for these reasons, and more, that we are proud to honor Lisa Backman as our Volunteer of the month and a Volunteer of Excellence.

  • Girl Scouts Take the Lead to Change the World: Lead like Elena!

    See them in action, and catch them on Disney Channel and Disney Junior!

    It’s an exciting time to be a Girl Scout! For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts has prepared every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ to practice a lifetime of leadership, enabling her to take the lead in creating positive change in lives and communities across the map—much like Disney’s Elena of Avalor! We’re taking our legacy of leadership to a whole new level by collaborating with Disney Channel and Disney Junior to encourage every girl to discover their inner leader. Because at Girl Scouts and Disney Channel, we know that leadership isn’t just about who you are, but about what you do. Much like your girl, Elena may be young, but she’s still learning to be a collaborative, communicative, and confident leader—like every girl can. We hope you’ll join us in changing the conversation around leadership, and helping girls see that everyone has the potential to lead and make amazing things happen. In fact, you can start now, by grabbing a sneak peek at two all-new spots airing on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, featuring Girl Scouts and their inspiring Take Action projects. You’ll hear the girls’ stories and see some behind-the-scenes action at the Disney video shoot, showcasing how Girl Scouts has helped these incredible girls become leaders, as well as how they lead like Elena—with compassion, critical thinking, collaboration, and courage. Same awesome...

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  • Kim Block named Girl Scouts of Maine’s 2017 Woman of Distinction

    Girl Scouts of Maine proudly announces that Kim Block, News Anchor at WGME-13, will be honored at the 20th Annual Women of Distinction Gala on December 1, 2016, at the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks in South Portland.   The Women of Distinction Gala is an annual event that celebrates women whose individual excellence and high levels of achievement distinguish them as outstanding members of their communities and exemplary role models for today's girls. “When a girl becomes a Girl Scout, she becomes more aware of the world around her and uses her skills to make her world a better place,” said Joanne Crepeau, CEO, Girl Scouts of Maine. “That is the very heart of our mission, and extraordinary woman leaders, like Kim Block, help to inspire young women to believe in themselves, lift their aspirations, and become confident, strong, and compassionate leaders of the future. We are privileged to honor the legacy that Kim has built.”   Block has been a broadcast journalist in Maine for 38 years. Raised in the Washington, DC area, she graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish, and moved to Portland for a job as News Director of WLOB Radio. She subsequently worked at WCSH Radio and WGAN Radio, before moving to WGAN TV, now WGME. Known for excellence in broadcasting, Block has anchored the WGME13 News at 6 p.m. for 35 years. Block specializes in medical/health reporting, and is the proud recipient of two...

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  • Girl Scout Stories Wanted

    We love hearing about the awesome things Girl Scouts are doing! Help us share your stories with your sisters across Maine. Submit your stories (400 words or less) with at least one photo to, and your story could appear in an edition of Compass, on our social media, or spotlighted in any of our e-newsletters.

    Don't forget the details! Make sure to include your troop number, a description of what the photo is about and contact information where you can be reached. Photos need to be in focus, clear and high resolution (300 dpi is preferred) and that the guardians of the girls who appear in the photo have given photo usage permission. Not sure? Just ask!

    Compass Deadlines

    Camp Edition: November 1
    Sister to Sister Edition: February 15
    Program Edition: June 1

    We are so excited when we have lots of submissions! We do our best to use as many stories as we can, but sometimes we have to hold a story for variety of reasons: space, content, or quality of photos. If you ever have any questions about a submission, send an email to and we'll be happy to answer you!


  • Election Time Excitement

    In the midst of a busy election season, we wanted to share with you important information regarding participation in the election process as a representative of Girl Scouts.  

    The GSUSA Public Policy and Advocacy Office has official guidelines on intervening in elections and participating directly/indirectly in political campaigns in support of or in opposition to any candidate running for public office.

    When acting as a representative for Girl Scouts, you may not endorse a candidate or influence an election in anyway. Doing so could result in the loss of GSME's tax-exempt status. Click to read full guidelines

    For example, we had a recent incident here in Maine where a Girl Scout in uniform wore a campaign pin to an event. Wearing campaign pins is considered endorsing or influencing an election and is completely against Girl Scout policy. 

    However, there is much to be learned from the election process, and what better way for us to help girls grow strong than to teach them the importance of using their voice by participating in the upcoming election cycle? Here are some ideas to teach girls about the election process by encouraging them to participate in the following activities:...

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  • Amazing Travel Opportunity for GSME Volunteers

    Our Cabaña is a unique programme based in the Girl Scout style. Girls of all ages can explore México’s traditions and culture in a fun and interesting way. Going on this adventure will make participants feel like one big family and like they are truly part of the community. Here is what Girl Scout Leader of Troop 625, Robyn Sealander, had to say about her experience: "Fellow Girl Scout volunteer Veronica Bates and I were recently awarded the Wellman-Leonard Our Cabaña Travel Scholarship and on February 18, we traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico, for an amazing, inspiring, life-changing experience. We spent eight days in Mexico and were joined by two Guiding volunteers from Western Canada, as well as a group of 33 Guiding volunteers from the United Kingdom. Our ages ranged from 19 to 82, so we were certainly a diverse group! Our Cabaña is run by six paid staff members and four volunteers. The volunteers were energetic young women from Brazil, Scotland, England and Australia. The first four days of the trip were spent at Our Cabaña, a beautiful compound consisting of low-slung, red-tiled roof buildings: dormitories, a dining hall, a craft house, an activities building, administrative offices, plus outdoor features like the tennis court, a swimming pool, and a brand new fire pit. The beautifully maintained grounds are lush and feature many native plants. The buildings, most of which were built in the 1950s, were constructed using lava stones in the walls. Th...

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  • Hansen to be honored at Seventh Annual Pearls of Wisdom

    Bangor, MAINE – Girl Scouts of Maine is pleased to announce that it will honor Marie Hansen with the 2016 Juliette Award at the Seventh Annual Pearls of Wisdom breakfast on September 15, 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Bangor. 

    Girl Scouts of Maine established the Juliette Award to honor a woman who embodies the essence of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA. Juliette Gordon Low was a woman who exhibited a heightened sense of service to community and the courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place. 

    “Marie Hansen has a very impressive and accomplished career path that encourages young women to reach for leadership positions,” said Joanne Crepeau, CEO, Girl Scouts of Maine. “Marie is a consummate example of the Girl Scout purpose: inspiring young girls to become strong women and to take the lead in their own lives.”

    Hansen is the Dean of the College of Business and Interim Dean of the New England School of Communications at Husson University where she has been employed since 2003 in various leadership and teaching roles.  During her time at Husson University, she has taught over 34 different courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.  She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Maine (summa cum laude, Honors Program graduate and minor in Public Administration), a J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago Sc...

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  • Camp Pondicherry unveils new Bouldering Wall

    Designed and built by our own Pondi Site Manager Jeremy Bates, the Bouldering Wall is an awesome addition to our camp and will provide hours of fun and challenge for our campers. Because of its construction, the wall does not require special equipment or training – climbers’ feet never go over 3 feet off the ground, so it’s a fun and safe way for girls to build their strength and confidence!

    Next time you’re at camp, make sure to stop by the Bouldering Wall right near Wentworth Lodge and check it out.

  • Building a Bridge and a Team!

    In June 2014, a group of eight volunteers from Sappi  North America’s Inside Sales team volunteered their time at Girl Scout Camp Pondicherry, in Bridgton, Maine to clear trails for the summer camping season. While working, Sappi’s Director of Inside Sales, Janet Boone, learned from the camp ranger, Jeremy Bates, that the Girl Scouts were planning to open a new trail in the summer of 2015 on the Warren Brook property. The new trail would follow the Warren Brook waterway and need four crossing points along the way. To help the Girl Scouts understand the materials, costs, and skill level of volunteers needed to construct the bridges, Janet introduced them to Roger Brenner, a Sappi Inside Sales Manager with knowledge in this area.

    Over the course of the winter - beginning in late 2014 through early 2015 - Roger worked with Jeremy on the bridge design and the material requirements. After a few design modifications, Roger began working on the first bridge from his home. Once satisfied with the resulting bridge he constructed, Roger deconstructed it for transport to Camp Pondicherry. In June of 2015, five Sappi Inside Sales team members spent the day at Pondicherry transporting the deconstructed bridge to its new home and reassembling it with support from Jeremy and an assistant ranger.

    On September 25, the Sappi team and representatives from GSME hiked into the site to officially dedicate the Warren Brook Bridge. Commemorating the occasion were Sappi’s VP Coa...

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