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Work It Out

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Sat Apr 29, 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Portsmouth, NH
Girl Program
Brownies, Juniors

Step into the shoes of an 18th-century apprentice and explore several of the most important trades in a colonial seaport.  Visit the home of a sea captain to touch and smell some of the exotic imports that were part of Portsmouth’s thriving economy.  Work as a team of joiners to assemble the model of an 18th-century building and discover the early medical profession as an apothecary.  Investigate three different colonial trades and learn about the workings of the pre-industrial economy. In addition to the workshop, girls will have the chance to tour the museum including the baby animal exhibit to see heirloom barnyard animals and view spinning and weaving demonstrations.

Badge Link: Playing the Past

Register by: April 12, 2017