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Your Successful Camper

Here are some signs that your camper is ready to have a blast at camp!

  • She has successfully spent the night away from home, at a friend or relative’s house.
  • She likes to spend time outdoors, be active and learn new things!
  • She wants to go to camp!
  • She enjoys making new friends.
  • She can compromise with playmates
  • She can adapt to new places and try new things with some encouragment
  • She can follow directions.
  • She can engage in active camp life!
  • She is willing to do her share in planning and clean-up.
  • She can shower, brush her teeth, manage personal hygiene and do her hair with little guidance.
  • She is willing to eat, sleep, and play with all girls, not just with best friends..
  • She has a family that is willing to let her go away for a few days for a fun and rewarding experience that builds skills, self worth and independence


What counselors wish parents knew
  • Send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes so she can write home or to family & friends.
  • Leave expensive clothing or other valuable items at home.
  • Put your daughter’s name on everything and pack light! She will be repacking herself to come home.
  • Please let unit counselors know if your child regularly wets the bed. Pack needed supplies. Counselors can then be prepared to discreetly wash bedding/nightclothes.
  • Bring separate towels for showering and swimming.
  • Sisters do not necessarily make the best buddies.
  • Please don’t tell your daughter she can call or go home if she gets homesick.
  • There are no electrical outlets for the girls to use.
  • Girls will be expected to clean up after themselves. Let them practice at home with simple chores.
  • Be sure to pack a few extra changes of clothes – campers can get dirty and muddy– and she may need a mid-day clothes change.
  • Please complete all camp forms fully and well in advance so we can get to know your daughter. It will also save time and frustration at check-in
  • There are more activities at camp than your girl will be able to participate in during a one or two week session. If she did not get to do all the activities she hoped, encourage her to look forward to next year.
  • Do not send your daughter to camp with a cell phone. Phones and other electronics are not allowed.