Take a Journey
The Journeys and the Girl Scout Leader Experience

What makes a great Girl Scout year? Earning badges, hiking and camping, taking field trips, selling cookies, and enjoying Girl Scout traditions. Girls will Discover, Connect and Take Action in the world around them - JUST BY BEING A GIRL SCOUT!

When a girl does a journey, she practices using three keys to leadership by:

• exploring issues in her community that matter to her
• practicing teaming up
• starting a community network
• learning basic planning steps
• coming up with ideas for her Take Action project

Take an interactive journey and map out your Girl Scout year!

Journey Books
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"It's Your Story—Tell It!" leadership journey series uses a storytelling theme in a fun and grade-level relevant way for girls to better understand themselves and their potential.

Building a strong sense of self is an underlying goal of the series, which was
made possible in part by a generous grant
from the Dove Self-Esteem Fund.

In "It's Your Planet - Love It!"
Girl Scouts can explore and enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

In different age appropriate activites, Girl Scouts will use the three leadership keys—Discover, Connect, and Take Action—as they become
stewards of our fragile planet.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, GSUSA has created a Healthy Habits initiative for Daisies, Brownies,
and Juniors.

Three booklets — one for each grade level — were created to help volunteers add a “healthy habits” focus to the It’s Your Planet — Love It! leadership development Journeys. They are availablefor free download at www.girlscouts.org/program/journeys/booklets.


In "It's Your World - Change It!"Girl Scouts will discover their values and unique skills, develop community networks and create and implement plans to take action to make the world a better place.

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