Girl Scouts Forever Green
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forever green

Want to help make the world a better place
by improving the environment? 
Participate in the nationwide Girl Scouts Forever Green Take Action Project! 

Simply visit for more information about how to make a rain garden, how to save energy, and how to reduce plastic waste.

Volunteers working with Girl Scout Juniors, are you working on the
Get Moving! Journey?
  Girl Scouts Forever Green (GSFG) ties in really well. 
Check out this link for details on links between the journey and GSFG.

As with all Girl Scout activities, Girl Scouts Forever Green gives girls the opportunity to develop leadership skills they can use now and throughout their lives. Forever Green projects and goals are also well aligned with the It's Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journey series, and their award-earning projects dovetail nicely with all three of the Forever Green projects. Girls enjoying these Journeys can plan their Take Action projects around Forever Green and take advantage of the wealth of related Journey content.